Beef Bundle


A collection of our most popular 100% grass-finished beef cuts.

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This bundle is a collection of our most popular cuts and sizes (sorry, no substitutions). The meat is vacuum sealed, frozen, and labeled with the specific name of the cut. Sample bundle is offered at a substantial savings compared to purchasing individual retail cuts.

Our Beef Bundle includes:
– Filet Steak (~0.6 lb)
– Ribeye Steak (~1.3 lb)
– NY Strip Steak (~1 lb) x 2
– Sirloin Steak (~1 lb)
– Round Steak (~2.5 lb) x 2
– Round Tip Roast (~1.5 lb)
– Chuck Pot Roast (~2.5 lb)
– Stew Meat (~1 lb) x 2
– Ground Beef (~1 lb) x 20